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Elevated Essentials Makeup Set - All-in-One Makeup Kit

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The SHANY Elevated Essentials Makeup Set is a professional all-in-one makeup kit that is ideal for makeup lovers and newbies. This cosmetics kit contains 72 bold and neutral eyeshadows, 28 versatile lip colors, 18 colorful gel eyeliners, 10 blushes for all skin tones, one versatile eye primer, and one basic cream concealer. Slide open the left panel, using the porthole on the side, to reveal the beautiful blushes, gorgeous gel liners, and creamy eye primer. Lift up the middle panel, and allow the mirror to click in place above all 72 pressed eyeshadows, each hand-selected to suit all skin tones, in matte and shimmer finishes. This panel also includes four applicators: two dual-sided foam tip applicators and two lip cream or eyeliner brushes. Opening the right panel reveals 27 luxurious lip shades that come in creams, balms, and glosses. Liven up your lipstick look with the shimmery lip topper, right next to the creamy concealer to clean up up any errors. This makeup set goes well with all skin tones and can be used for day or night makeup looks. Pair these shades with the SHANY Eye & Lip Primer for the best results. This professional cosmetics set was designed by beauty professionals in the USA.